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  • Wine lawyer

      When choosing an attorney to start your winery or brewery, experience matters. Starting an ABC regulated business is complicated and unlike any other field Andrew J. Breskin knows the wine trade and how to get you up and running quickly. One of San Diego's only dedicated Wine Lawyers.
  • ABC Paperwork

      The biggest barrier to beginning your wine or liquor business is completing the piles of regulatory paperwork correctly. The ABC staff are not allowed to help you with applications or give advice. Andrew J. Breskin is very familar with all ABC applications and completing them accurately, for a very reasonable fee.
  • Winery and Brewery

      San Diego's micro brewery and urban winery culture is rapidly expanding and we are here to support it. These are unique businesses with specialized legal needs. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience to advise San Diego's newest and best urban wineries and breweries.